The Armenian Genome project aims at

Resolving the reference genome of  the Armenian population

Turn Armenia into regional hub for genomics R&D

Bringing personalized medicine to Armenia

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What is the genome?

Each of us is unique.

Our looks and our health are largely conditioned on the sequence of letters encoded in our DNA․
This sequence is what we call our genome.

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Genome sequencing

We will sequence and analyze thousands of genomes from the Armenian population, to discover: 

  • Genomic heterogeneity of Armenians
  • The genomic features and markers conferring disease risks in our population and worldwide

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What is personalized medicine?

People worldwide are already receiving  personalized treatments  designed according to their unique genomic features.

Our project will serve as grounds for adaptation of personalized medicine in Armenia.

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Our genetic make-up

We will also:
– trace our genetic history
– understand how the Armenian population compares to the rest of the world
– and how different we are within our population. 

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 The AGP will immensely boost genomics research in Armenia through intense research training, high impact publications and engagement of local/international genomics community.


 The project will create local sequencing and genomics infrastructure and will serve grounds for attraction of investments from biotech and pharma industries.


We will identify genomic features imposing disease risks in the Armenian, as well as other populations. We will identify genetic biomarkers for efficient disease prevention and treatment. The AGP project will eventually serve bases for development of novel genetic tests and personalized medicine guidelines.


The AGP will boost bioinformatics and genomics education in the region. Students will experience intense training through workshops, seminars and research. The AGP will attract international students and foster development of new educational programs.