• What is a genome and why do we care about it?
  • What is genome sequencing? Why is it expensive?
  • Is it possible to tell nationality from the genome sequence?

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What is a genome?

What is the genome?

Each of us is unique.

Our looks and our health are largely conditioned on the sequence of letters encoded in our DNA․
This sequence is what we call our genome.

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What is genome sequencing?

Genome sequencing

Genome  sequencing is the process of identification of the unique sequence of bases comprising our DNA


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What is personalized medicine?

What is personalized medicine?

People worldwide are already receiving  personalized treatments  designed according to their unique genomic features.

Our project will serve as grounds for adaptation of personalized medicine to the Armenian population.

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Our genetic history

Our genetic make-up

History leaves traces in our genomes in the form of genetic variations. A branch of science called population genomics traces these changes to understand the bases of genetic variations between populations.

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