Project Goals

The Armenian Genome Project aims at unraveling our genetic background and bringing personalized and precision medicine to Armenia

Adapting genetic diagnostic tests to the Armenian population

Genetic tests help identify an individual’s risk of developing certain diseases. These tests are developed by specific research done on genomes of various populations. However, each nation’s genome is unique, which makes these genetic tests not applicable to each and every population.

We aim at analyzing the specificity of the Armenian genome to  adapt the genetic tests accordingly and boost accurate diagnostics in our clinics. 

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Bringing personalized and precision medicine to Armenia

Biomedical developments have allowed the world to cross the  edge of personalized and precision medicine, which takes into consideration that people have different genetic backgrounds. Thus, each of us responds to the same disease and treatment in a unique way.  It is of utter importance to understand the key differences between patients and prescribe personalized treatments, which are more efficient and have reduced side effects.

Population genome projects are key to success of such endeavors, and we aim at deciphering the key genetic features of the Armenian population and identifying personalized treatment approaches most suitable for our nation.

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Tracing historical roots of Armenians

Genetics can tell a lot not only about you, but also about your ancestry. Researchers at the Institute of Molecular Biology  have traced the ancestry of the Armenian population for the last couple of decades.

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